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Upper West Side - Pre War Apartment Tour with Hattie

December in NYC is like no other place in the world. The streets are filled with over the top Christmas decorations and the festive ambience attracts crowds from yonder. Grab a hot cup of apple cider or coffee and take a tour with me inside the beautiful pre-war home designed by Hattie Kolp - @hattiekolp on the Upper West Side . As I stepped into her apartment I envisioned myself living there in the early 1900's and listening to horse carriages trot up the street. Hattie lives in her childhood home with her two cats and it's styled to perfection. Check out our live tour on my IGTV @tanika_nyclifestyle.

Hattie's Take on Living in Manhattan

1. How long have you lived in your pre-war rented apartment and how many square feet is it?

I grew up here and took over the lease from my parents in 2018 when they retired and moved out of the city. It’s a rent controlled lease so by law I had rights to keep the apartment. My mom always said it was 1500 square feet but I’m not entirely sure about that.

2. As a native New Yorker what inspires you to decorate your home and which elements tie it all together?

I am inspired by pretty architecture of prewar buildings all around the city, specifically in my neighborhood on Riverside Drive. I love ornate buildings with intricate carvings and details. My building was built in the 1900’s and my apartment has so many gorgeous original details like moldings, wood floors, pocket doors and fireplaces. I wanted to pay respect to the that time period by echoing it in my designs. My main goal during my renovations was to restore all of the original details, some of which had been taken away by previous tenants.

3. Can you describe your design aesthetic in 5 words?

I am endlessly inspired by Parisian apartments, so I guess Parisian, classic meets modern, and bright and airy meets dark and moody. Sorry, that was 7 words.

4. What are the most important items in your home and why?

My art! I have a few pieces of art painted by family members, and a whole lot more that are antiques, as well as antique furniture that I’ve inherited from my mom, family friends and other family members. I come from a family who really values their antiques. It is truly invaluable!

5. Name your favorite colors

White and dark grayish blue- I guess that would be called slate!

6. Donuts or Bagels?

Bagels!! I’m so spoiled to live across the street from one of the best bagel spots in the city. I eat there way too frequently!

7. Tell us a few small hacks that can help in any space.

Furniture with storage- I have 5 dressers around my apartment, I use them to store clothes, linens, seasonal decor, fine China and fancy silverware. Another hack that has helped me is utilizing baskets! Not only can they be used to organize items but they also help hide electronic clutter like wires. Just cut a hole in the bottom of the basket and feed the wires through that. My all-time favorite hack!

8. If there's any other place in the world that you would live where would that be?

I like to spilt my time between the city and the Hudson Valley, but I don’t think I could live up there full time. Otherwise, maybe Paris, although I would be in a constant state of aesthetic overload!

9. Do you prefer city or country living?

City 100%, but I love going to the country on weekends and definitely need a balance of both.

10. Let us know a few of your favorite spots in NYC

The Reservoir in Central Park, sitting by the Hudson in Riverside park, the gardens at the Cathedral of St John the Divine, the Met, Wave Hill and lastly I love to walk around Park Slope and admire the gorgeous brownstones.

11. Is there one item in your home that you splurged on?

A few hehe. The green velvet sleeper sofa, my gilded mirrors, all the of the light fixtures and my Samsung Frame TV- I will never buy another kind of TV!

Let's Take a Peek Inside of Hattie's Apartment


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