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Tiffany's 3,000 Square Foot New Jersey Mansion

I started my home tours in 2018 as an NYC based venture but it was time to cross the pond to see how one lives in the suburbs of New Jersey. Tiffany of @myeclecticnest resides in a small town in New Jersey called Rahway with her husband, dog and two kids. Her neighborhood is filled with tree-lined streets and charming homes from the early 1900's. It was a quick train ride on the NJ transit and I felt like I'd entered a new world 39 minutes away from Manhattan. Tiffany lives in a 3,000 sq. foot home that is styled with collected vintage pieces from various thrift stores. I loved how each piece tells a story which adds so much character to her unique design style. To add, I was greeted by her cute dog Choco who melted my heart. To see more swing by my IgTV for the live tour: @tanika_nyclifestyle

Tiffany's Take on Living in NJ

1. How long have you lived in your 3,000 sq. ft palace? It will be 10 years this coming March, that we've been in our home in NJ.

2. What sparked the decision to move from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to NJ? While both my husband and I love our childhood neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, renting is super expensive for a family of five, so we made the decision to move away - but not too far lol!

3. Describe your design aesthetic in four words? - Curated, collected, whimsical and fun

4. Tell us the reason why you prefer vintage/thrifted items over store bought? - Although I definitely have some favorite retail and big box stores that I shop for home decor, I have found some real vintage gems that are just expertly made. I think the craftsmanship of years past is outstanding and that's clearly seen in the design of most vintage pieces.

5. If you could freeze time in one decade, which one would you choose and why? - I would have to say the 1920's - all Glam all the time.

6. List your favorite colors to decorate with and wear? - My top favorite color to decorate and wear is yellow. It's such a fun and happy color but can also be sophisticated. I also have been drawn to sage green as of late; red is one of my favorite colors to wear although I don't decorate much with red.

7. Do you miss the NYC lifestyle? If so, what do you miss the most? - Some days I'm ready to haul it right back to the city - especially in the summer when it's so alive. I love and miss the variety of food and fashion and even people!

8. Is there anywhere else in the world you would live? - I have an unending love for Rome and could absolutely see myself living there, it's an ancient city in the middle of a bustling modern world.

9. Can you give us a few of your favorite home decor stores to shop? - CB2 is my ultimate I definitely have some favorite retail and big box stores that I shop for home decor, I've also spent more than my fair share of time shopping at Homegoods, Homesense and At Home Stores. All are similar to vintage shopping in that they have a ton of unique, one of a kind pieces on the retail level.

Let's Take a Peek Inside of Tiffany's Home


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