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Lower East Side Pre-War Apartment Tour with Sarah Jacobson

NYC living is so unique in that each area has a cultural theme worth exploring. Summer weather is glorious this year and with Covid restrictions lifted I had to take you to the Lower East Side to see Sarah Jacobson @_thegrandapartment 's fabulous 1 bedroom Coop pre-war apartment. When you step into her home it has a feeling of glam mixed with cozy elements. The beauty of living in this neighborhood is that you can walk to the cutest coffee shops and there are so many restaurants worth visiting. To see the live tour of Sarah's pad check out my IGTV video @tanika_nyclifestyle .

Sarah's Take on Living in NYC

1. How does it feel living in a Coop building in NYC for six years and what have you learned about living here? I can't believe it's been almost six years! Time flies. Not sure whether this question is about living in my apartment or in NYC (where I've lived for over a decade), but I think both have taught me to be strong, independent, and resilient. New York City isn't always the easiest place to live, but it's incredibly rewarding, in so many ways--the diversity, the vibrance, the culture, the energy, THE FOOD. People say New York hardens you, but I think what it actually does is shapes you into your truest, toughest self.

2. What are some of your favorite spots in NYC? I have far too many to list, so here are a handful of my favorites: Fiat Cafe in Nolita for a giant $9 bowl of pasta. Little Canal (my neighborhood coffee shop!) for the perfect iced latte. Kiki's on Division Street for food and ambience that makes you feel like you're actually in Greece instead of just south of Canal Street. The Elizabeth Street Garden. The corner of 9th and C. The view from the bottom of the island, south of the Seaport. The Cloisters (MAGICAL!). And just about any bike route at golden hour.

3. Do you plan on leaving NYC in the near future? If so, where are you headed next? As Fran Lebowitz says in Pretend It's a City, "Here's the thing. If there was another place, I'd have gone there!" No city I've ever been to has called to me the way New York has and still does, each and every day. I love it here.

4. List your least and most favorite things about living in a big city? Oh goodness. Well, city life can be difficult. Lugging heavy groceries (and mine are somehow ALWAYS heavy) multiple blocks isn't my favorite thing. Nor is the smell of hot garbage in the summer, or the way oh so many subway stations kiiind of smell like pee. But what big cities lack in ease, they make up for in convenience (order anything you want! to your door! at literally any time!) and straight up magic (insanely talented musicians! on the subway! the way the sun hits the river on a summer evening! the view of the statue of liberty from the ikea ferry! I could go on...)

5. How would you describe your design aesthetic in five words? Eclectic. Bohemian. Cozy. Layered. Vintage.

6. Which food have you loved the most since you've relocated to NYC? ex. pizza, bagel, burgers Nothing like a New York City bagel (I'm partial to Ess-A-Bagel on 1st Avenue and 20th Street).

7. Describe life on the Lower East Side and why did you choose that neighborhood? So much of New York feels like a mishmash of banks, big box stores, and fast food chains. The Lower East Side (especially the portion below Delancey) still feels like a neighborhood, one that hasn't yet been entirely taken over by chains, one where life is still lived on the streets, and where people from all walks of life can live happily amongst one another as a community. Yes, I wore my rose-colored glasses today.

8. Any advice for anyone moving to NYC for the first time? Know that it'll be scary. Know that some days it'll be hard. Know that some days, the city will knock the wind out of you. Know that you're strong enough to handle all of the above, and that it'll be worth it. Be kind, community-oriented, and open-hearted, and New York will reward you, big time.

9. What are your favorite colors to wear or decorate with? Blush pink, black, and white.

10. Name a few small space hacks that we can use. Build up! Build shelving, closets, and cabinets as high as your ceilings go, so you can take advantage of every square foot of space. And clean out your closet (and donate it all!) every 6 months.

11. Where are you originally from and let us know how does it feel living in an apartment vs. a home? Originally from a college town in western Massachusetts. I'm so used to living in 700 square feet now that the home I grew up in feels positively palatial--so much unused space!

Let's Take A Peek Inside of Sarah's Pre-War Apartment


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