Bachelor Pad Apartment Tour - My Brother Ashton's Manhattan, NY 800 sq ft. Apartment

Growing up in NYC allowed me to live a culturally rich life and I’m so fortunate to have had it inspire every aspect of my style . When my family moved from Queens, NY to Manhattan in 1989 it was very traumatic for me as it was too fast paced and overwhelming. Over time, I learned to embrace the chaos and realized that I was blessed to be in the epicenter of the creative world whether it was for fashion, design or taste. With that said, creativity is what sparks joy in me and I love designing my wardrobe and apartment. The apartment I'm sharing is the first in Manhattan me and my brother lived in together with our family. We were deeply saddened when our mom passed away due to Covid in March of 2021 and we didn't know what was ahead but having an apartment that was left to us allowed me to re-design our 800 square foot mansion in the city. I'm thrilled to share the results of the most stressful 6 months of my life but I'm feeling super excited that my brother Ashton will create new memories. Enjoy and feel free to shop selected items from our home tour. Please watch our live home tour on IGTV @tanika_nyclifestyle