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Sydney's 600 square foot West Village Apartment

NYC home tours are so fun as no two apartments are alike. We're starting of the Spring with a tour of Sydney's @syddcal 600 square foot charming apartment int the West Village. Her home is peppered with charm and earth tones and it's amazing to see how one can transform a small space into a well designed home that is suitable for living. Check out here live videos on TikTok and Instagram by clicking the links below:

Instagram Video Full Home Tour: @tanika_nyclifestyle

Instagram Reel Video: @tanika_nyclifestyle

Let's Take a Peek Inside of Sydney's Apartment

Sydney's Take on Living in New York City

1. What do you love about living in Manhattan the most and where are you originally from?

I love the energy of Manhattan-there is never a dull moment and always some sort of entertainment around! Even on days when I just want to go on a hot girl walk through Washington Square Park with my dog, I can always stumble into live music or an ice cream truck on a hot day. I’m originally from a small town in Virginia so NYC is 100% a huge culture change for me in a good way!

2. Describe your design aesthetic in five words

Natural, Cozy, Calming, Airy, Green

3. Do you have plans to leave NYC in the near future? If so, where are you headed next?

At the moment, NYC is home! If I do decide to leave in the future it would be for somewhere warmer. I would love to try the west coast, but it’s too far from family so it would probably be down south somewhere. Atlanta or Charlotte, NC could be fun! I also used to live close to DC and wouldn’t be opposed to return back there!

4. List your favorite colors to decorate with and to wear

I’m absolutely obsessed with burnt orange and green-hints the plants and couch! I wear a lot of these colors as well as tans, neutrals and black!

5. Name your favorite spots to visit in NYC

I love Central Park and I used to live on the Upper West Side right near there! For food, I love Ruby’s Cafe, Ofrenda for a good Happy Hour, and Bleeker Street Pizza for a quick slice!

6. Why did you choose to live in the West Village area?

I love the feeling of this area, it’s so cozy and doesn’t have many skyscraper buildings. Most buildings are prewar and I like the character they have. It’s also super close to every other neighborhood and walking distance to pretty much any subway you can think of! The location is perfect for me.

7. Bagels or Pizza?

Pizza handsdown, Bleeker Street Pizza, Joe’s Pizza, or Zazzys!

8. Is there anywhere else in the world you desire to live?

New York has and always will be my favorite place that I’ve visited and want to live thus far! I can’t think of any other place right now.

9. Can you list your favorite home decor shops?

I really don’t have certain home decor shops I go to! I typically am just out browsing and find random pieces! I got a lot of my decor second hand from Stooping NYC when I first moved here and added on from there!

10. Let us know the pros and cons of living in NYC

Cons: RATS, trash, crazy people

Pros: walkable, beautiful, always something to do, home


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