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Kimmy's 850 square foot Luxury Manhattan Apartment in the Financial District

Happiest New Year from NYC. We're in the heart of the winter and I want to start this year off with a luxury apartment tour of @misskimmy_ 's home located in the Financial District of the city. Kimmy shares her pad with her beau in a high rise modern building (built in 2018). The amenities include a state of the art gym, rooftop with panoramic views of the city and a business center. The design of her space is minimal elegance with chic touches that tie everything together. It's a cohesive, cozy, livable space which is attainable with the right items. Please check out the live walk through tour on my IG video: @tanika_nyclifestyle

Kimmy's Take on Living In NYC

1) What do you love most about your new apartment you share with your beau?

Definitely the floor to ceiling windows and all the natural light! The rooftop is also one of the most stunning views of the city I’ve ever seen and I’ve lived here for over 12 years, so that is saying a lot!

2) Describe your design aesthetic in four words?

Minimalist with pops of eccentric, cozy, chic, luxurious

3) Is there anywhere else in the world you would live?

My boyfriend is from Miami and we visit often. I can see us living in a chic villa style house there.

4) What do you love/hate about living in Manhattan?

I love that everywhere you go, you get the best of the best. I love walking everywhere, I love the restaurants and the shows, the night life, the culture and the people.

I don’t love how tiny our living spaces are, but I think the city being our backyard makes up for it.

5) Name some of your favorite local restaurants in NYC

I love the “hits” that are probably on every list, like Carbone and 4 Charles Prime Rib and Au Cheval. But local to where we live, there are some gems like a Thai spot called Lil Chef Mama, and Malibu Farm by the water.

6) Where are you traveling to next?

Miami next weekend and then Puerto Rico for a friend’s bachelorette

7) How long have you lived in NYC and what have you learned from your experiences here?

12 years. I’ve definitely experienced the not-so-glamourous side of the city when I was first starting out in my career and living in and commuting from West Harlem. The days were long and tiring and I had to learn boundaries and budgets and balance. The city will force you to reach your potential in order to survive here, and I was able to see just how strong and resilient I could be. It’s made me appreciate every apartment glow up and career success I’ve had.

8) Do you prefer living in a house or apartment?

I really love the convenience of apartment living.

9) List your favorite colors to wear or design your home?

I love all white linens and a mix of textures and a pop of color and pattern: orange, pink, leopard

10) Do you prefer pizza or bagels?

I’m gluten free so I can’t have either! :)

Let Take A Peek Inside of Kimmy's Pad

Couch is a Cloud from Restoration Hardware

Rose Marble tables from DWR

Black booty vase Amazon

New York City Candle - Homesick


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