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Ryan and Sumi's 650 sq. foot Murray Hill Coop Apartment

We're welcoming spring with a home tour of Ryan and Sumi's 650 square foot renovated Coop apartment located in the historic Murray Hill neighborhood. The design aesthetic of their apartment is minimal, with clean lines which makes it feel so airy. The best part was seeing their pet dog and cat bouncing around which added the extra warmth that is needed in any home. What you will learn from this apartment tour is that small spaces with smart storage solutions is the best way to maximize how you utilize every nook in your home. Enjoy this tour and click the videos linked below for the live tours.

Instagram Reel Video: @tanika_nyclifestyle

Instagram Full Video Tour (slower version with details): @tanika_nyclifestyle

Ryan and Sumi's Take on Living in Murray Hill NYC

1. How long have you and Sumi lived in NYC?

I've lived in NYC for over twenty years, and Sumi for twelve.

2. What do you love the most about Murray Hill? Murray Hill has such a great local neighborhood vibe, which can be rare to find in midtown! We love living in an area like that while also being so central - it's a quick trek to Gramercy, the East Village, or a crosstown bus to Hell's Kitchen.

3. Can you describe your design aesthetic in 4 words? Clean, modern, minimal, functional

4. Name your favorite spots to visit in NYC including restaurants? We've recently discovered Spes - a small Italian restaurant in the East Village that focuses on natural wines. Sugarfish and Novita are always part of our rotation. And we have to give a shoutout to our favorite local bars, Bubo and Ted's Tavern.

5. If there's anywhere else in the world you and Sumi would move where would that be?

We love NYC so, so much. But we always dream about places like San Diego or Denver - you just can't beat the weather or the vibes!

6. Tell us your favorite item in your apartment and why? Honestly, since the renovation our favorite part of the apartment has been the soundproofed windows. We can't get over how quiet it's made the space! And we can't forget our color-coded bookshelf - it was an easy way to add some color and interest factor in the living room.

7. List the pros and cons of living in NYC

  1. Pros: There's just no place like New York. When it comes to the diversity of people, the things to do, and the restaurant scene... there's nowhere we'd rather be.

  2. Cons: It's expensive and space is such a luxury. We absolutely love our apartment, but we can't lie - it would be nice to have a second bedroom or a washer/dryer!

8. Hotdogs or Hamburgers? Hamburgers all the way. Sumi is a Shake Shack fan, but as a native Californian I'll always go with In-N'-Out.

9.What are your favorite colors to wear and design with?

We tend to go with neutrals and a splash of color. Just look at our apartment!

10. Would you live in a large house in the country? Every New Yorker dreams of having a weekend house with a backyard and more space than you know what to do with. But that also comes with a whole new set of problems.

Let's Take a Peek Inside of Ryan and Sumi's Apartment


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