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Tudor City Pre-War Apartment Tour with Matthew

Spring walks in NYC are best in April and May as you will discover streets filled with colorful tulips, daffodils, and cherry blossom trees. The hustle and bustle of Manhattan is quickly coming back and restaurants are filling up with people and tourist. To add more excitement to your lives, I'm sharing the most beautiful pre-war 600 square foot palace of Matthew @mrstanoch . Matthew's apartment is in the first landmarked residential skyscraper building located in Manhattan's exclusive neighborhood called (Tudor City). Tudor city is a hidden gem on a cliff nestled between two picturesque parks with views of the East River , Chrysler Building and the United Nations. Check out the live home tour of his colorful apartment filled with vintage pieces that are timeless on my IGTV: @tanika_nyclifestyle.

Matthew's Take on Living in Tudor City, Manhattan

1. How long have you lived in NYC and your pre-war apartment? What's your occupation?

I moved into the apartment about a year ago and before that I was on the boarder of Greenwich and Portchester. I am currently the Special Projects Director for American Christmas an MK Illumination company and the Executive Events Director at the Crickelwood Estates located in the Hudson Valley.

2. Describe your design aesthetic in 5 words Vintage, Eclectic , Timeless , Fun , Cozy

3. What are your favorite spots in NYC? Floral and Fabric Districts , China Town

4. Is there anywhere else in the world you would live. If so, where would that be? Nope my family is going to have to drag my dead ass out of this fabulous apartment.

5.What inspires you to decorate your home so beautifully?? My Inspiration comes from people that influence me in design : My Brother PDB – His commitment to research and finding the solution in the genesis of any problems. Also him and Diogo’s love and support with any and all of my creative endeavors. My Ex Edgard Starling – Who his style follows his life and is unapologetic and will always lean to doing what makes him Happy LOL. My Best Friend Toby Rox – Who starts design with Glitter and Rhinestones and is under the belief that more is more.

6. Can you name a few great places to shop for home decor?

I love going upstate to vintage and antique shops but if you are tied to the city, places like Housing works and Apps like Offer up can do the trick. Also keep your eyes peeled open because I am always find good items on the side of the road.

7. Name your favorite colors for interior design I like all dark rich colors that get complemented by a vibrant coordinating color.

8. List the things you like or dislike about living in NYC? Like : Christmas in the City -obviously. 9th ave Street Festivals Please Bring back soon… Nothing else I think show cases the diversity of the city in culture and food better and not forced. Fleet Week – Am single hunny enough said bring that shit back please. I love still just wandering on a Saturday with no plans and discovering new places. I love my NYC friends they somehow always have time for my shenanigans and mostly I love that this city after so many years still embodies the land of opportunities.

Dislike: Bill De Blasio that guy is like the uncle no one wants to sit next at Thanksgiving , I think I would rather get a “creepy hug” from Cuomo than a Hand shake from De Blasio. His constant need to solve our cities problems by acting like Oprah and just giving things away will never have a long term solution. Gristedes Grocery store- What an overpriced horrible experience I personally have now made a vow to never return. If you live in the area try the Amish Market(the prepared salmon is the best) and Target has great deals for the necessaries. Subways with Letters – part of my extreme lack of traveling to other boroughs, mostly Brooklyn. The lines at the TJ Maxx and Marshalls on sixth Ave – WTF it never fails when I find everything I want but then end up abandoning the cart after seeing the line. Penn Station – I once broke up with a guy because he made me go to Penn Station. They are putting a Harry Potter store in the Flat Iron district that's meant for Times Square, is nothing immune to just being iconic and not a tourist trap. I dislike all of the racist hate in the city when can we go back to hating people for just be horrible and not having anything to do with race, gender or sexual orientation, like true New Yorkers. The only people that should hate as a collective are tourist in the streets during commuting times. I propose a bill that all tourists must be in a hotel or restaurant between the hrs of 6am-9am and 4pm to 6pm, AOC can you help !!!! Nothing is being done in a large ways to save our local bars! Local leaders have no problem jam packing the 5 train in morning rush hour but god forbid going to a bar… this is BS. And lastly, what I hate is the rapid loss of our historic skyline when will someone finally realize that engineering is putting up a square or tringle shape building taller than the last guy like some game of who’s junk bigger this is not architecture!!! Bring back more good architecture that is indicative of our beloved and slowly dying skyline before its gone please.

9. Any restaurant recommendations? House of Lasagna, Buddakan, the Burger deal at Mc Kenna’s , Tavern on the Green they are almost back and please order a PBR tall boy am the reason the serve it lol

MR Purple – say hi to my hostess with the mostest Nicole – get the chicken tenders and waffle fries Bar 65- hidden gem with the view but with no tourist. Nancy Whiskey’s Iconic dive bar

Let's Take a Peek Inside of Matthew's Pad


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