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Refrigerator Organization - Spring 2021

Spring has arrived and organization is key to living a comfortable life. I've worked aimlessly the past few years to convert our refrigerator and kitchen into an Eco-friendly environment. I'm excited to share a few tips and tricks on how to efficiently store food in containers. To start, it's best to know what your primary shopping picks are weekly which allows you to create a system that works. For instance, if you're a Vegan it's likely that you will shop for fresh vegetables that can be placed in bins. I love the idea of seeing my fruit when I open the fridge so that I can grab and go when I'm in a rush. Often we forget to check expired dates on jars and clean up spills that happen regularly. The most unique hack I created was to lay placemats on the refrigerator shelves in case something leaks which is less messy. Another observation that I've learned is to keep the items that you use frequently towards the front.

Here are a few tips I'm sharing:

  1. Always check expired dates for freshness

  2. Label items on jars with dates so that you will know when to throw out

  3. Buy Eco-friendly mesh bags to store produce or storage bins

  4. Wash your fruit and vegetables before you place in the fridge

  5. Use stasher bags to store items that you want to preserve

  6. Write a list before you go grocery shopping so that you don't repeat buying things

  7. Store herbs in the OXO bins for long lasting flavor

  8. Remove stickers from the fruit for the aesthetic

  9. Wipe down the inside of your fridge on a weekly basis

  10. Add baking soda boxes or pods for added freshness

  11. Align your most used section of the fridge with trays for an easy clean up

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I hope this helps and don't forget to subscribe.


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