Midtown Manhattan Pre-War 450 square ft. Small Apartment Home Tour with Carly

Autumn is in full swing in NYC and Carly Fuller from @mycityapartment 's home in midtown, Manhattan will inspire you to decorate your home for any season. Carly's pre-war apartment that she shares with her fiance has sky lights and a cozy warmth that's inviting. The color scheme is black and white except the bedroom which has touches of a subtle Rose pallette . If you want to see a small space packed with personality and good hacks; check out our live home tour on my IGTV @tanika_nyclifestyle.

Carly's Take on Living in NYC

1. How long have you lived in Manhattan?

It will be 9 years in December!! Crazy!

2. Where are you originally from and why did you choose NYC as your home?

The South East of England, UK. I have family in the US and spent every summer in NY, never wanting to leave! I always felt like I was suppose to live here!

3. How big is your apartment and do you rent or own? How much does rent cost for a space like yours?

We rent our 450 sqft apt and it costs 3,200 a month.

4. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I feel like my home is such a mix! The vibe of my kitchen and living room is definitely me, I’ve recently re decorated them to suit my style more. I still haven’t re decorated the bedroom and I don’t think I will. It is different but I just can’t let it go just yet!! So my apartment probably doesn’t portray my ideal dream design aesthetic which is... modern & sophisticated... touch of vintage with sculptural furnishings and lots and lots of natural, organic textures and materials.