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Midtown Manhattan Pre-War 450 square ft. Small Apartment Home Tour with Carly

Autumn is in full swing in NYC and Carly Fuller from @mycityapartment 's home in midtown, Manhattan will inspire you to decorate your home for any season. Carly's pre-war apartment that she shares with her fiance has sky lights and a cozy warmth that's inviting. The color scheme is black and white except the bedroom which has touches of a subtle Rose pallette . If you want to see a small space packed with personality and good hacks; check out our live home tour on my IGTV @tanika_nyclifestyle.

Carly's Take on Living in NYC

1. How long have you lived in Manhattan?

It will be 9 years in December!! Crazy!

2. Where are you originally from and why did you choose NYC as your home?

The South East of England, UK. I have family in the US and spent every summer in NY, never wanting to leave! I always felt like I was suppose to live here!

3. How big is your apartment and do you rent or own? How much does rent cost for a space like yours?

We rent our 450 sqft apt and it costs 3,200 a month.

4. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I feel like my home is such a mix! The vibe of my kitchen and living room is definitely me, I’ve recently re decorated them to suit my style more. I still haven’t re decorated the bedroom and I don’t think I will. It is different but I just can’t let it go just yet!! So my apartment probably doesn’t portray my ideal dream design aesthetic which is... modern & sophisticated... touch of vintage with sculptural furnishings and lots and lots of natural, organic textures and materials. 

5. Which is your favorite meal of the day breakfast, brunch or dinner?

Dinner!!!!!  With a glass of wine or cocktail of course.

6. Which room is your favorite and why?

The kitchen! Because we spend the most amount of time there! It’s the first room you walk into when you enter our apt (we technically don’t have a proper living room) so we tend to get her here more!

7. What are some of your favorite spots to visit in NYC?

Central Park! I think I’m there almost every day, if not every other. I love wandering around the west village for their restaurant and Washington square park to people watch! I also love the west side along the water, I spend a lot of time there too. Oh wait, we recently took the ferry to Dumbo and it was such a perfect day just taking in the skyline of Manhattan. It’s one of my favourite day outs to do in the city. 

8. Where else would you live if you could pick up and leave tomorrow?

Somewhere on a beach probably! Costa Rica but that’s quite a big move so maybe California for the beaches and perfect weather. 

9. What’s your occupation?

Senior design associate for an interior design/home staging company.

10. Name your favorite color

I’ve always loved purple, or a peachy pink. But I don’t ever wear these colours or use them in decor so that probably doesn’t make any sense!!

11. What inspired you to share your home on Instagram? 5 or so years ago my roommate moved out and my boyfriend moved in, leaving me with an entire apartment to do exactly what I want with for the first time ever! It’s been a fun hobby and passion of mine ever since I can remember and I really wanted to share how I was decorating my apartment with people who actually cared rather than annoying my friends and family on my regular Instagram account. So started a new one!! 

Take a Peek Inside of Carly's NYC Apartment


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