Lower Manhattan - Pre-War 800 square feet Apartment tour with Juliette

November's weather in NYC was record breaking warm and a home tour with Juliette Von Hess from @minimax_life put the icing on the cake. Juliette's pre-war one bedroom apartment in Lower Manhattan is cozy and filled with unique details. When you step into her home you enter a narrow, long foyer with exposed brick walls and high ceilings. The best part about living in NYC is that each apartment tells a different story. Check out our live home tour on instagram: @tanika_nyclifestyle

Juliette's Take on Living in NYC

1.  As a native NY'er what inspired you to pick your current rented apartment ?  

I work in all the boroughs of New York so this location was perfect. It’s near the path, LIRR and all the trains. I can get anywhere in about 20 minutes. I also love the West Village area but couldn’t quite afford that so the border of Chelsea/West Village was perfect. 

2. What inspires you to create a functional, stylish small space?

I've always admired a well organized home since I was young. I have been a professional organizers for 18 years now and practice my own methods at home. It’s part OCD and part of my interior design background. 

3. Name 5 elements that are essential in your home

1. Yummy smelling candles & diffusers.

2. A place for everything - my little containers, baskets and  vessels hold everything & add to my space. 

3. Lots of varying texture. My choices in anything I buy for my home, including my furniture and textiles will vary in fabric and print. Since I have a mainly neutral color palette preference, this helps  create depth and interest.

4. Varying lights for my mood ( sconces, ceiling and even electric candles in my wall mount fireplace).

5. Hats and hooks.

4. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Organic and cozy.