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Favorite Cozy Lounge Wear To Shop

Lately I'm living my best life in lounge wear and my favorite go to items are sneakers and sweats. Occasionally I switch between playing dress up with heels but my lifestyle in NYC has changed dramatically. I work from home and rarely go out for events which allows me to dress casual. The new sustainable Nike sneakers are striking and comfortable and I'm thinking I will need a second pair. Check out my items to shop for day to day cozy living. Keep it chic and colorful my friends!!

Uniqlo Sweatpants / Zullily Sweatpants

Uniqlo -Shop Now

Zullily - Shop Now

Uniqlo Sweatshirt

Nike Sustainable Sneakers

Uniqlo Light Down Vest

Pink Sun glasses

Veja Sneakers

Oversize Lilac Oversized Sweat Suit

Veja Sneakers

Uniqlo Sweater Hoodie

Uniqlo Cream Sweat Pants

Palm Tiger Print Pajamas


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