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Coffee Date with the Hubby

Fall season has allowed me and my husband to enjoy outdoor eating and long walks together and these are moments I will cherish. We've been together for 19 years and married for 14 years and our bond is stronger than ever. As we strolled to the Parliament Espresso Bar on the Upper West Side this weekend we reflected on how important it is to spend time together. Our lives haven't always been rosy but we met in the most natural form. We were both shopping and locked eyes on the street of NYC and exchanged numbers. I waited by the phone for his call and he surprised me with a date and we've never left each-other's side. 5 years later we eloped to the Bahamas and it was the best decision. Dating your spouse/significant other is key to a lasting marriage and remember take time to plan an hour together once a week. I'm sharing a short video of our coffee date in the city. Enjoy!!

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