Bed-Stuy Brownstone Home Tour (2,500 sq ft) with Jordan and Barry

This week I visited Bedford-Stuyvesant to tour the most beautifully renovated home owned and designed by Jordan and Barry known as the @brownstoneboys . Their home is a historic early 1800s beauty restored to perfection and decorated with mid century modern furnishings. Let's not forget their adorable silver Lab Zuko who enjoys playing in the yard. Unexpectedly, I took a stroll down memory lane as I realized that their block is where my family owns a brownstone and I spent many years playing double dutch and hop scotch on the street. Check out the live home tour on IGTV @tanika_nyclifestyle.

Barry and Jordan's Take on Living in Brooklyn, NYC

1. How long have you both lived in Brooklyn, NY and what inspired you to buy a Brownstone?

Jordan has been in Brooklyn since 2004 and Barry moved to Brooklyn from the UES in 2008. We met on a dating site in 2017 and then quickly bought our brownstone in 2019. A risk we jumped on after only dating for a year. It was both our dreams to own and restore a Brooklyn Brownstone since we first moved to NYC. Jordan used to watch Sesame Street when he was a kid and then Sex and the City (as a teenager), it was just always the dream to live in one. We spent a solid 6-8 months looking for our home and we just knew as soon as we saw this space, there were so many possibilities!

2. What are your full time occupations?

We’re now fortunate to be full-time Brownstone Boys. We are project managers for historic brownstone renovations. Barry’s background is in sales and Jordan’s is in design and marketing. We started this business in January 2020 and we now have 7 full gut renovation projects!

3. Tell us your design story and why you joined Instagram?