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Verizon Wireless + Verizon Fios home for $79.99 a month offer expires 9/30/20

Working from home is my new norm and I'm happy to report that Verizon Wireless + Wireless Fios's fast reliable service has saved me from having any issues with my computer networks. I'm juggling two jobs: one as a content creator, and the other as an Executive Assistant, both of which require working from my mobile device or computers every day. Since our neighborhood restaurants/coffee shops have re-opened with the new outdoor seating arrangements I also have the option of working remotely with a change of scenery. Living in a building in Manhattan with 185 tenants where most are working from home made me skeptical about good service. However, for the past 6.5 months it has been smooth sailing. I also feel confident one of the main benefits of having Verizon is that service is restored very quickly if there's ever any sort of outage.

Verizon is offering new customers: Verizon Wireless + Verizon Fios - get two of our best networks. New customers can get Mobile _ Home for $79.99/month for Start Unlimited and 200/200 Mbps Internet with Auto Pay & Verizon Up + taxes. equip.charges & other fees. Offer expires 9/30. Also, you have flexibility to Mix & Match plans - pay for what you want.

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