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NYC Harlem Home Tour with Nick

Summer time in NYC has arrived and we're working through our new way of living due to Covid-19. With that in mind, home tours in NYC are back in effect and I'm taking you to Harlem, NYC to see Nick Pinsker's new condo apartment who he shares with his baby kitten Iggy who's a Ragdoll breed. Nick's apartment is colorful, modern and chic. Please check out Nick's live IG Home Tour by clicking the link (IGHOMETOUR).

Nick's Take on Living in NYC

1. Please tell us how did you come up with the name TheKingof5thavenue on your instagram feed?

Haha actually it came from loving the window fronts on 5th ave!

2. How long have you lived in NYC and why did you choose your neighborhood?

8.5yrs, I chose Harlem because I wanted to change things up, I was in the UWS before. I also bought this apt vs rent.

3. Name five elements that are important to you in your home?

Comfort, cleanliness, organization, color, and space.

4. Describe your home decor aesthetic?

Simple, a splash of color and a touch of modern.

5. How many square feet is your pad and do you rent or own?

670 and I own. It’s a typical one bedroom.

6. What do you love most about NYC and name a few of your favorite areas?

Oh god this list could go on forever. The unpredictability of the city. I love Chinatown, it’s like stepping in another country. The ritzy part of the UES, reminds me of Gossip Girl.

7. Bagels or donuts? Bagels 100x over. Donuts aren’t very satisfying to me.

8. Which color would you wear everyday if you could? Green !!

9. If there's anywhere else in the world you would live; where would that be? London. It’s like the NYC of Europe with amazing proximity to the other half of the world.

Let's Take a Peek Inside of Nick's Condo

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