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West Village Apartment Tour with Nicole


Mid-winter is a perfect time to take a stroll in the West Village, NYC and Nicole Cueto is sharing her pre-war studio apartment. Nicole's apartment is sun filled, spacious and chic. Peruse through Nicole's views on living in NYC and her color coordinated home. Click the link for Nicole's live IG home tour

Nicole's Take on Living in Manhattan

1. How long have you lived in NYC and what made you move here?

I have lived in NYC 5 (amazing) years

2. Why did you choose the West Village?

It had been my life long dream to live in the west village (ever since I knew Carrie Bradshaws apartment exterior was here - after all, my blog/IG is named after her)

3. How many square feet is your pad and how would you describe your design aesthetic?

Not sure but prob under 500 sq ft. My aesthetic is mid century glam

4. Do you have plans to move out of NYC in the near future and if so, where next?

I never want to leave NYC, unless it’s to live abroad

5. Country life or City life?

City life for sure, but country life is a nice break (my mom has a cabin in the North Carolina mountains)

6. What's your favorite color?

I'm Latina so all colors are my vibe. Right now, I’m loving pink and emerald green!

7. How long have you been on Instagram and what made you start your journey?

I've been on IG forever (I’m an OG) and I started my original blog (Dress.Dine.Desire) as a creative outlet to help me escape my then boring job. The morphed i to Nikki Takes New York and finally into, The Cuban Carrie

8. What's your favorite area in NYC and why?

The west village is my favorite neighborhood - so rich in history, beautiful architecture and it’s so quintessential New York.

9. What's your favorite place that you traveled to thus far?

This is a hard one. I love the world (and traveling so much) either Cuba or Morocco - both in history, culture and art/architecture

Let's Take A Peek Inside of Nicole's Home

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