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Murray Hill, NYC Apartment Tour with Kayleigh

Feeling the February Blues? Let me take the stress off your shoulder with Kayleigh Adam's darling apartment in Murray Hill, NYC. Kayleigh is a Southern Bell from Texas who found her way to NYC and she's sharing her 700 square foot pad and all the love she put into it. To see the live home tour on instagram click Kayleigh's Apartment Tour .

Kayleigh's take on Living in Manhattan, NYC

1. How long have you lived in NYC and why did you choose Manhattan?

I'll be reaching my fourth year in New York this May. When I was in college I always interned in the city for the summer and never really considered living anywhere else! I previously worked in the fashion industry and New York/fashion just go hand in hand.

2. Describe your design aesthetic in three words?

Feminine, glamorous, boho

3. What are you favorite colors to use in your home?

I think this one is obvious ;) definitely shades of pink! Typically blush or mauve, but when I first moved to New York I had a HOT pink couch. I like to think I "matured" to my (now) blush pink couch as the years have gone by.

4. Do you own or rent your pad and how many square feet is it?

I rent! I've been in the same building for nearly four years now but have lived in two different one-bedroom units. My apartment is 700 square feet.

5. If you can choose to live anywhere else in the world; where would you go?

Barcelona, Spain or Playa Del Carmen. Definitely somewhere with a beach, culture, and slower lifestyle!

6. Who is your biggest inspiration and how do they influence your life?

My mom is my biggest inspiration because she's her own girl boss, but doesn't sit and hide behind the daily struggles that come with being a girl boss. She shares her frustrations and is so real about everything. I say every day that I strive to be more like my mom and when I start to let the city consume me (and take away my southern roots/hospitality) I try to think what she would do in that situation. Really keeps me centered!

7. What's your favorite place to hang in Manhattan?

It's cliche, but I love the West Village. Whenever I shoot content I go to West Village because it's just an iconic, quaint, neighborhood with so much character. Especially during the holidays, there's so much to do, eat and see! A close second would be Domino Park, especially during the summer.

8. How long have you been on instragram and why did you join this community?

I've been on Instagram since the high school age, but I started my blog in 2014 to share my style inspiration and build a resume for when I applied for fashion internships. I actually had my account hacked for three months in 2016 but ended up getting it back. I love how the platform connects you with so many people! But I'm really trying to take 2020 to focus on sharing the content that I want to share with the world, and be more of a creative outlet.

Let's Take a Peek into Kayleigh's Apartment


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