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Upper West Side, NYC Apartment Home with Nicole Tour - Christmas 2019

December in NYC is full of life and holiday traditions and I'm so happy to share Nicole Blackmon from @sweet_domicile 's beautiful pre-war apartment. Nicole is my instagram friend that loves to decorate her home that she shares with her son, dog and husband. Nicole's 1,200 square foot pre-war apartment is located on the Upper West side and is designed with a modern coastal vibe. Check out our live home tour on IGTV @tanika_nyclifestyle.

Nicole's Take on Living in NYC

1. How long have you lived in NYC and what do like or dislike about living here? I’ve lived in NYC for over 9 years now but I’ve left twice and come back!

2. How many square feet is your pad and do you own or rent? Our current place is about 1200 sq ft but our first place about 500 sq ft! We're renting.

3. What are some of your favorite items in your home and why? My late mom’s antique blue buffet. It wasn’t blue when she had it but I got it about 11 years after she passed away and I painted it blue soon after. So many memories around that piece. She always loved it!

4. Describe your design aesthetic and what color patterns inspire you? I love so many styles but I’m always drawn to a relaxed understated coastal vibe with a mix of mid century modern. There’s just something about that light and bright feel that makes me feel cozy. My husband is the same so that’s a bonus! No real debating goes on how we decorate because he pretty much likes what I like! I’m definitely drawn to blues!

5. If there's anywhere else you would live aside from NYC, where would that be? We lived in DC for a few years and love it but I’d also live in Philadelphia. Such a charming city but with so much culture!

6. Who is your favorite designer? I love basically everything Emily Henderson does!

7. What's your favorite color? In clothes I basically wear black, navy or gray but home wise I almost always have something with a pop of blue in there somewhere!

8. Coffee or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate but I love sweetened coffee too just definitely not a black coffee drinker! I need lots of flavored creamer!

9. Name your favorite area in NYC and explain why? I love to roam around the West Village. So much old world charm, gorgeous row homes, quaint eateries and just fun (and easy!) to get lost in it’s streets!

10. What made you join instagram to share your lovely squares? I needed an outlet to express a side of me that no one else around me really understood, that side of me that loves to decorate and rearrange things. I didn’t think anyone would care to follow me. It was more out of curiosity and fun!

Take a Peek Inside of Nicole's Pad

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