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Park Slope Brooklyn Home Tour with Tonya | March 2019

I landed in Park Slope Brooklyn today for the last tour of the winter season with Tonya Pittman in her beautiful pre-war town home that she shares with her 6 year old son and husband. Park Slope is a family friendly zone with tree aligned streets, town homes, and small mom and pop shops. When you step into Tonya's home it feels organic and serene. Please check out Tonya's Live Home Tour on Instagram.

Tonya's view on living in Park Slope Brooklyn

How many square feet is your town home?

About 1800

What year was your home built? 1899

How long have you lived in Brooklyn or NY? 22yrs

What do you love most about your home?

The black framed windows paired with exposed brick and live edge wood features thoughout gives it a loft like feeling in a brownstone.

Do you own or rent?


Why did you choose to live in Park Slope and what do you love most about the neighborhood?

I chose to live here to raise my son in a neighborhood that had tons of kids, great parks, schools, and restaurants, plus the extra space leaving Manhattan living.

What are your favorite items in your home and why?

Favorite area of the house, the kitchen. Favorite item, juicer. Because I have become a celery juice fan in the mornings and then that started me off on a juice craze, and I’ve never felt better.

If there’s anywhere else in the world you would live where would that be?

Amsterdam in a boat house

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Organic materials are always a turn on and I try to incorporate a funky wood element mixed with black to edge it out.

Let's Take a Peek into Tonya's Home

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