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The Container Store Refrigerator Organization

Fall season has arrived in New York and revamping every nook and cranny in our apartment was a priority. One of the most neglected areas in most homes is the refrigerator and I've re-worked the organization of ours with items from the The Container Store. I cook a few times a week and needed a better view of our most used groceries. Adding tray liners to each shelf and storage for poultry, fruit, dairy and vegetables revitalized the look and appeal of our refrigerator.

Steps to get started on organizing your refrigerator :

  • Remove all items from your refrigerator and clean the inside

  • Check if items are expired and throw away

  • Measure the width and length for storage

  • Work on eliminating the use of toxic plastic

  • Assess what can be stored in containers or jars

  • Take a trip to The Container Store to pick out the best items to maximize space

Refrigerator Organization with The Container Store

Below are hand picked items that I use in our kitchen and you can shop by clicking the photos:

Refrigerator Organizers/ Cooking Appliances & KitchenTools Starter Kit​

Weekends are for cooking and organizing your kitchen and I'm sharing the best products on the market. Cooking makes my heart beat and all of the key tools I utilize to prepare delicious meals are outlined on this blog. I remember standing in front of the stove at the age of eight years old and making my first egg. My mom said, "If you can make eggs you will be a good cook". Fast forward years later, I'm a great cook and collecting high performance cookware helped me master many recipes. What I've learned over the years is that cheap pots and pans hurt the flavor and outcome of your meals. Saving money to buy the best items will improve your overall happiness in the kitchen. I've selected my top picks for organization and cooking.

The Container Store Like-It Bricks Wide Bins - Click Photo to Shop

Lemon Water Bottle

Wire Basket Storage

Storage Jars

Shop by clicking the photo:

Mineral Oil is important for treating your wood cutting boards or cook tools:

Click Photo to Shop Mineral Oil

Best way to make Espresso - we live by this old school tool

Small Wooden Spoons are Ideal for Scooping Seasonings or Powders

Wooden Spoons are so beautiful and I love the warm touches they add to our kitchen

Wood Cutting Board for Serving Cheese or chopping fruit or vegetables

Salt Scoopers

All Clad Cast Iron Pan

Staub Grill Pan

Non Stick Pans

Sauce Pan

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