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Crown Heights Brooklyn Home Tour with Robert

Brooklyn, NYC was my next stop for Robert's bachelor pad tour in the heart of Crown Heights. The streets are aligned with trees and the buildings are low enough that you can reach for the stars. If you stroll along Franklin avenue you will bump into small coffee shops and many ethnic restaurants. Robert's triplex loft is super zen and has an Asian inspired feeling. Please check out Robert's Live Home Tour on Instagram.

Robert's view on living in Brooklyn NYC

How long have you lived in Brooklyn, NY? 6 years or so. I’ve lost count Are you a native NY’er?

Sort of. My mom is from Brooklyn so I spent a lot of time here growing up + I lived in Manhattan for some of my teenage years. But officially I’m from Toronto.

What do you love most about your apartment? Its a unique loft space, I like the high ceiling & 3 levels.

Do you rent or own and how many square feet? Own and it's about 1,150 sq feet.

What do you love about Brooklyn and why did you cho0se to live here? I love the true diversity and authentic NYC feel to Brooklyn. BK also has the best night life & a chilled vibe that I prefer. After living in Manhattan for a very long time (which was fun), I was eager for something different & decided to join the “cool kids” in Brooklyn.

If there's anywhere else in the world you would live where would that be? I consider myself to be well traveled and have pretty much covered the globe at this point. There are several cities I could live in but if I have to narrow it down, it would be a toss between Melbourne Australia and Amsterdam. Though since Australia is soooo far away, I guess I’ll go with Amsterdam. How would you describe your home style? Mid Century Modern would be closest to my style.

Let's Take a Peek into Robert's Condo

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