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Anvi Home - Cozy Bedroom Refresh | February 2019

NYC is in the middle of snow season and we're still waiting for the big flurries. As we await the arrival of our first big blizzard, there are ways to hit the refresh button to create a warm, balanced bedroom. Winter is the coziest time of the year, and if you love the cold you're likely planning a ski trip or a long weekend getaway to a mountain resort. If this isn't on your agenda, and you can't slip away, you can always turn your bedroom into a cozy cabin. Anvi Home helped us spruce up our bedroom by turning it into more of a winter retreat. There are a few elements that can add texture and Anvi Home provided the best alternatives: faux feather throw, faux leather and velvet pillows. We chose the neutral palettes with patterns to blend with other colorful duvets and items in our bedroom. If you're looking for a variety of affordable earth friendly solutions to reinvent your space Anvi Home offers the best.

To Shop the Mermaid Faux Leather Pillow click the photo:

To Shop the Faux Feather Throw click the photo below:

To Shop the Anvi Home Store click the photo below:

To Shop the Velvet foil print dot pillow click the photo below:

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