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Brooklyn NYC Town Home Tour with Bev | December 2018

Christmas season is ending in a few days and a full tour of Bev Wilson's Brooklyn, NY townhouse was the best way to end it. Bev lives in a 1,1oo square foot pre-war townhouse with her boyfriend and rescue dog and cat. Her home is spacious, cozy and filled with charm.

Bev's view on living in Brooklyn

How long have you lived in NYC? Since 2002! I don’t know when you become a New Yorker, but I definitely feel like one at this point. Tell us why do you love living in Brooklyn, NYC? I love that Brooklyn is a little more calm than the city. I work in Manhattan and it’s always nice to get off the train on my way home from work and experience the energy of Brooklyn. The parks here are also amazing. We live a short walk from Brooklyn Bridge Park and one of my favorite things to do on the weekend is take our dog for walks along the water in the park. What do you love most about your town house? The deck! I’ve never had outdoor space like this in New York and can’t to add plants and decor in the Spring. What are your favorite items in your home? My plants! Having greenery at home is important to me and I’m looking forward to adding more plants as we get settled in our new home.

Would you and your boyfriend ever leave NYC and if so, where?

We love to take long weekends and rent a cabin in the Catskills. Spending a cozy weekend out of the city is one of our favorite things to do. What's your idea of a dream home? I think it’s important to love where you live. I can honestly say that this home is a dream come true for me and I can’t imagine living anywhere else! We are so happy to be here. Do you enjoy entertaining others? We love entertaining. We have only lived in our place for two months, so we’re still getting settled, but can’t wait to entertain a lot more very soon. How would you describe your design aesthetic? Modern minimalist meets traditional (with lots of plants!)

Here's a Peek inside of Bev's Town House


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