East Village, NYC Apartment Tour with Kimmy | December 2018

NYC is magical during Christmas season and I'm so excited to start my home tour series. Kimmy's - @misskimmy_ East Village rental apartment is small, chic and functional. It's a 550 square foot gem packed with panache and practical storage solutions. Check out the live tour @tanika_nyclifestyle

Kimmy's Take on Living in Manhattan

How long have you lived in NYC?

Almost 10 years

Do you love NYC and living here?

Absolutely in love with NYC. The city demands the best out of everyone and everything. Best food, best energy, best people.

What do you love most about your apartment?

I recently broke off an engagement and there are so many layers to leaving the thing you are “supposed” to do, and instead doing what makes your heart happy. I knew I needed a home that would feed my heart and soul and this place is it. The exposed brick, French doors, original hardwood, amazing light: it’s my own personal oasis.

Tell a story about why you chose to live here?

I came from a fancy doorman building on the upper east side with my fiancé and my puppy- it was all new finishes and very luxurious, but all the marble in the world can’t fix a bad relationship. When I was apartment hunting, I was willing to give up all of the bells and whistles for something that felt more raw, real and old New York.

What's your favorite item in your apartment and splurge?

My Anthropologie mirror for sure !

Do you entertain often?