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Fracture Glass Frames

Fall time is the best season to capture photos of landscapes, NYC street culture and food. Lately, I've taken some great photos but needed to figure out how to showcase them in our small apartment with a little extra flair. Thanks to Fracture we now have a solution for framing photos in a unique glass frame. Fracture is a company that specializes in printing images directly onto glass. It's the quickest, affordable way to preserve the most memorable photos and display them in a unique modern way. Here a few easy steps to processing your images:

1) Select an image from your phone or computer

2) Send the photo to Fracture by uploading on their website and select the size of your custom frame

3) Choose whether you want to mount on the wall or display on your table

4) Fracture will send in their environmentally friendly packaging

We received our Fracture custom orders quickly and were happy with the quality of the images. Some of the photos are leaning against the walls in our bedroom as we prefer not punching holes in our walls. Another plus is the glass used isn't too delicate and is easy to clean. Traditional photos frames always seamed a bit dated and Fracture's new framing technology is a new way of preserving memories in sleek decorative medium.


Click the photos to connect to the link for fracture glass frames and receive 10% off using code TBFAB10:

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