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HGTV BLOCK PARTY - Panel Speaker

Summer is ending, but the highlight of my season was speaking on a panel for the HGTV Magazine Social Media Block party with the Liketoknowit team. These brands have created a platform for people to learn how to design their homes and wardrobes. Liketoknowit is an app which allows viewers to shop people's IG feeds and influencers to receive credit from the rewardstyle program through commission for selling their looks or home decor.

Stepping on stage was exhilarating. I started my blog about a year ago and today it's taking me places I never imagined. I learned that no matter when you started, or where you came from, there is no predictable place or limit to where you will end up if you continue to work hard on things you're passionate about. The crowd embraced us and our individual stories, but more importantly, our collective shared advice: Don't be afraid to fail, go with your gut, and focus on a niche and stick to it. I hope to continue riding the wave and inspiring others to fulfill their dreams.

Here are a few ideas on how to start your blog journey:

1) Focus on a vision and think about how it will impact your brand

2) Create, cultivate and share information to your followers

3) Be consistent with posting on your instagram feed and make sure your photos are fluid

4) Invest in a good camera and practice taking photos or take a photography class

5) Make sure you're being authentic and organically grow your followers

Photos from the HGTV Block Party

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