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ARUBA | May 2018


Aruba is dry, hot and a perpetually sunny island. It is easy to navigate and filled with shopping centers. Being an extremely tourist-friendly place, more than five languages are spoken (Papimiento being preferred by the locals). We stayed at the unrivaled Ritz Carlton property and spent our lazy days on Palm Beach which boasts pristine sand and crystal clear shallow water.

Where to Eat

Wacky Wahoo - It isn't the most attractive restaurant, but the food is definitely worth the visit. It's a down to earth family style seafood restaurant where each dish is mastered to perfection with great balance and seasoning. Our favorite meal of the trip.

Flying Fishbone - you walk through a room with glowing blue lights that leads you to a beach restaurant where you can soak your feet in the ocean while eating. The food was above average and the service was good. We ordered grilled lobster and steak and enjoyed the night sea breeze.

Driftwood - if you're looking to taste fresh fish or seafood with minimal ingredients this place won't dissapoint. It reminds me of an 70's diner with wood paneled walls but the service was impeccable.

Yemanja Woodfire Grill - Not bad, but in our opinion, they tried a little too hard to make the dishes fancy, and some of the ingredients were a little mismatched for our taste. But if a large variety of exotic offerings are what you're after, you will want to try everything on this menu.

Natural Pool ATV Tour

Zooming across Aruba's rugged desert terrain on quad ATVs was the highlight of our trip. We chose the 4 hour guided excursion led by Go Cherry Tours which took us through caves, past cactus, up and down mountains, along rocky coastline, and finally to a natural pool protected from the rough ocean waves by huge boulders. Hands down one of the most exhilarating and adventurous things I've ever done.

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