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Saturday brunch dressed in pink

Early mornings in our small city apartment always begin with a new theme . Whether it's creating recipes, designing table settings for our meals, or changing our bedding, it makes waking up fulfilling. The way to ultimately achieve harmony in the home is to create beautiful decor all throughout your space. We chose a subtle pink for our dining room for it's warm, gentle and balanced feel. Find a color palette that suits your vibe and go for it.

Here are some tips that helped me figure out where to start:

1. If you travel, think of your favorite place and bring those elements into your home.

2. Colors in your home should flow easily and work well together.

3. Think of the color scheme of your walls and then choose the furniture pieces.

4. Start with one room at a time and don't rush.

5. Figure out your design aesthetic to create a cohesive home.

To shop my dining room; download the @liketoknowitapp and screen shot our dining area: click the photo for the link:

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