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Tulum Mexico | May 2017

Tulum Mexico

Beaches are like snowflakes—no two are alike. After a 1.5 hour ride from Cancun we hit the bohemian perfection of Tulum. Exotic jungle plants, the smell of incense, and boutique hotels with Palm Thatch roofs—people bike or walk during the day and don’t let the deep, darkness of the night stop them from enjoying local hot spots.

Where to Eat

Supposedly there are mosquitoes but everyone keeps them away so that only bite you experience is a culinary one.

Arca – The wait can be 2 hours, but you’ll enjoy hand crafted wooden tables, white pebble rock floors and grade-A people watching.

Ziggy’s Beach - Swing seats, tacos, and low prices make this the perfect beach lunch.

Casa Banana - Watch the chef’s fire up Argentinian steaks and grilled meats while the outdoor breeze keeps you cool.

The Nest – Breakfast (huevos ranchero) should always be this good and so should lunch and dinner. They nail every meal and why it’s our top pick.

Gitano Bar – A bar with unique drinks and a mind-blowing bathroom—need I say more to pique your curiosity?

La Baracuda – Nothing says Mexico and vacation like hot Sauce and seafood.

Mateo’s - Mexico meets rock ‘n roll with fajitas next to a hamburger.

The Nest Hotel

Beach facing showers, tubs, and swings in your loft-like room—no wonder this 9 room boutique hotel by craftsmen and local artisans is always so in demand.

Tulum Ruins

Take the 18 miles bike ride to be rewarded with local shops you pass along the way, iguanas, and ultimately the remnants of an ocean-perched castle.

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