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Shopping Reward Style

September 23, 2020

Fall Season is the perfect time to add deep color tones to your wardrbobe.  Red, purple and metallics blend well and a khaki trench coat adds the perfect balance.   Wearing black and gray is the norm in NYC  but adding fun colors and patterns will bring your closet to the next level.  Check out my favorite September picks. 

Shop My Favorite September Fall Picks 


A classic  Jcrew khaki j...

September 16, 2020

Working from home is my new norm and I'm happy to report that Verizon Wireless + Wireless Fios's fast reliable service has saved me from having any issues with my computer networks.  I'm juggling two jobs: one as a content creator, and the other as an Executive Assistant, both of which require working from my mobile device or computers every day.  Since our neighborhood restaurants/coffee shops have re-opened with the new outd...

August 30, 2020

Brooklyn is a borough filled with historical apartments that have a magnetic energy and flow. Matthew James aka (brooklynartboy) 's home is  filled with eclectic mixes of  collected vintage treasures and palatial rooms.  Join us for a tour of Matthew's pre-war apartment built in the 1940's who he shares with his cat Cordelia and partner Casey.   Check out a live home tour of his apartment on instagram...

August 25, 2020

August is near an end and we're all trying to grasp every second of those last minute beach moments and early morning sunrises.   To boot, working from home the past six months has allowed my creativity to blossom.  Although I haven't been able to entertain at home; the desire to design has stuck with me.  I'm sprinkling a little color inspiration your way with fun collected vintage and thrifted pieces.   Take a scroll below t...

July 24, 2020

Summer time in NYC has arrived and we're working through our new way of living due to Covid-19.  With that in mind, home tours in NYC are back in effect and I'm taking you to Harlem, NYC to see Nick Pinsker's  new condo apartment who he shares with his baby kitten Iggy who's a Ragdoll breed.  Nick's apartment is colorful, modern and chic.  Please check out Nick's live IG Home Tour by clicking the link (IGHOMETOUR).


July 8, 2020

Welcome to my exclusive shopping center for our seasonal bedroom decor.  If an item isn't available; I will match it to a similar one so please take a scroll and shop your favorite items in our bedroom.

To shop our bedroom scroll down and click the photos for select items:

 Platform Bed


CB2 Clear Locker Storage

Seagrass Basket 

White Moroccan Leather Pouf

Round Accent Pillow 

Velvet Cheetah Pillow 

African Fans


May 15, 2020

I'm so happy to share the visual beauty of my neighborhood (the Upper East Side Manhattan) during Covid-19.  Lately, I've taken long sanity walks and captured some beautiful photos in Central Park and curbside. Enjoy!!

May 8, 2020

Staying home for 50+ day has allowed me to re-invent my at home looks with headwraps.


March 7, 2020


Mid-winter is a perfect time to take a stroll in the West Village, NYC and Nicole Cueto is sharing her pre-war studio apartment.  Nicole's apartment is sun filled, spacious and chic.  Peruse through Nicole's views on living in NYC and her color coordinated home.  Click the link for Nicole's live IG home tour


Nicole's Take on Living in Manhattan 

1.  How...

February 17, 2020

February was off to a slow start and what better time to organize your make and perfume collection.  In partnership with THE CONTAINER STORE I've re-worked some of my favorite items.  Please scroll and select your favorite items to shop by clicking the photos. 


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Floral Arranging at Home