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Upper West Side Pre-War Studio apartment tour with Jessica

October in NYC is seasonally the most colorful time of the year as we watch the leaves transform to deep red hues and prepare for Halloween festivities. I'm ending this month with a very special home tour on the Upper West Side with Jessica Rachel Williams of @jessica_intentionalliving pre-war studio which has original architecture from the late 1800's. Manhattan is a very compact place to live and her apartment is small with high style. Check out our live home tour on instagram @tanika_nyclifestyle.

Jessica's Take on Living in NYC

1.  How long have you lived in your rental studio apartment?

3 years.

2.  Which year was your building built and what made you choose to live there?

It was built in 1889. Traditional brownstone rowhouse with bay window on the second floor. I chose to live here due to the incredible details and unique character of the building: high ceilings, the French doors, inlaid mirrors, herringbone wood floors, oversized bathroom with original tiles and the most incredible window overlooking a back courtyard.

3. Are you from NYC and where else have you lived?

NY is the place I consider home. I was born in California. Moved to France for my formative years. I went to high school on the East Coast and college in the MidWest.

4.  What are the most essential items you need in your home?

Plants. I can’t live without them! A bathtub for salt baths. Lights of all types from reading lamp to plant lights to floor lamps.

5.  Jogging pants or Jeans?


6.  What's your favorite color to wear?


7.  If there's anywhere else in the world you would live where would that be?

I would split my time between exploring South America and Africa

8.  Name a few of your favorite spots to visit in NYC

MoMA, Guggenheim, MET, Brooklyn Flea

9.  Would you ever consider moving to the country?

I love nature. I could see a part-time residence, not full-time at present

10.  What inspires you the most about living in NYC?

That it’s a cultural melting pot with the most incredible energy

Let's Take a Peek Inside of Jessica's Apartment

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