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LIC Luxury 800 square foot Apartment Tour with Alvin Wayne

Swinging into the New Year with high hopes and positive thoughts. Let's start 2021 with an apartment tour that will make you want to move to New York City. I'm switching things up a bit and decided to head to LIC (Long Island City) to share the luxury high rise rental of Alvin Wayne @alvinwayne . Alvin is a New York based Interior Designer who loves to share his expertise on modern design. If you love minimal decor with high end appeal this is a home that will steal your heart. Please check out the live tour on my IGTV @tanika_nyclifestyle.

Alvin's Take on Living in New York

1. How many years have you lived in NYC and why did you move to Long Island City?

It will be 4yrs this May, I'm single so I decided to move to LIC.

2. Tell us why you joined Instagram and YouTube?

I joined IG to share my gift with the world, and You Tube because one day I would like my own television show centered around design, so You Tube is good practice and honest feedback from the masses.

3. Describe your design aesthetic in four words? Mid-century modern/masculine/natural/chic.

4. Where are you originally from and what do you miss about it? I'm originally from Florida (Tallahassee) Honestly the only thing I miss about it is my family lol!

5. What are your favorite colors and why do you love Interior Design?

My favorite colors are black and white. I love Interior Design because it's a reflection of how we live, and it's an extension of ourselves. Our environment and how we live is essential to your mental health and wellness

6. Which home decor design trend should go away in 2021? Don't kill me, but monotone or all white/cream homes.

7. List a few of your favorite spots in NYC?

8. Can you give advice to anyone moving to NYC for the first time?

Download streeteasy to find your place (you don't have to pay a broker. -Explore the city alone if you have to. -Be a tourist even though you live here (go everywhere, see everything).

9. Pizza or Bagels -Both

10. In the next few years where do you see yourself living?

Right here in NYC, it's simply the best place to live (in my opinion).

11. Do you prefer apartment living over a house?

-Yes, you feel safer with the doorman and all the amenities are worth living in a high-rise.

Let's Take A Peek Inside of Alvin's Pad

Stay safe friends and I hope you enjoyed the tour!


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