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Eclectic Fall Tablescapes with Tanika

I started blogging in 2016 without a clear direction on what to write and today I'm thankful that I've come this far to share my take on living beautifully. I'm pouring my time into concise blog stories about living in NYC and how I decorate for each season. On my instagram IGTV stories I started a tablescape series displaying how I create fun, unique tablesettings.

Autumn has arrived in NYC and I'm aiming to create eclectic designs that are colorful and packed with panache to reflect the foliage and overall feeling of the season. Our Manhattan pad is super chic and visitors are greeted with the scent of pumpkin spice and a fluffy Lhasa Aphso named Ginger. Tablescapes are the focal point for holiday gatherings and lately I've missed entertaining friends and family. To keep in practice with what I love; I've created an eclectic fall tablescape that has hints of whimsy. Take a peek at my fall tablesetting and live tour on Instagram @tanika_nyclifestyle Most items on my table are from old collections from Target; West Elm, Mackenzie Child, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Anthropologie, TJMAXX .

My Fall Tablescape

Kitty Tea Light is from Flying Tiger Copenhagen ; Table Napkins TJMAXX

Tea Kettle is by Mackenzie Child

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