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Summer is off to a great start! Besides vacations, pool trips and barbeques, another key part of the season for me is the re-organization of some of the most negelected spaces in our home: the kitchen pantry, desk drawers and jewelry drawers. We're so excited to partner with THE CONTAINER STORE on our DIY re-org operation of our small apartment's most used storage units. This retailer is the best for affordable, high quality, practical solutions for organizing any size space. Proper organization is important for making your day-to-day domestic life easier because everything is more accessible and streamlined. While cleaning out the cabinets, I discovered I had way too many expired seasonings, multiple pepper containers, and an overall sense of clutter. My decorative flair combined with my husband's innate "Get-rid-of this" gene allowed us to handily defeat said pantry squatters. Here it is:

Before view of our pantry which is the most used space in our kitchen:

After shot # 1:

After Shot #2:

Jewelry Quick Fix Drawer Before Shot # 1- this is my go to drawer when I get dressed in the morning:

Before Shot # 2:

After shot # 1:

After shot # 2:

After Shot Gallery # 3:

Shop the items from my Container store re-org by clicking the photos:

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