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I'm excited to share all of my favorite items that I use in my kitchen and home.  You can shop each item by clicking the photo (shopping link is below the photo) and I will receive a small comission from my affiliate links attached.    Enjoy and please reach out if you have any questions. 

Kitchen Collection

Shop now: Cuisinart Food Processor
A food processor is the most essential item in any kitchen. If you need to cut hearty vegetable this is the tool to own .
Shop Now: Jennifer Fisher Universal Salt
This is my go to salt for all ingredients. You only need a sprinkle as it's super potent but delicious.
Shop Now: Mango Wood Board
Wood cutting boards are a lovely item to keep in your kitchen. Remember to treat with mineral oil. Click link below to shop.
Shop Now: Wood Egg Crate
Storing your eggs in a beautiful wood crate is so pretty and makes cooking fun. Click link below to shop.
Shop Now: Breville Super Q Blender
I've owned many blenders in my life and nothing has come close to the Breville Brand. It's perfect for making soups and has a cleaning button option. Also, it comes with two compartments one for blending smoothies and another for everything else. I don't think you will ever have to shop for a new blender. Click link below to shop.
Shop Now: Zula Home Frother
Works wonders for a nice Latte.
Shop Now: Super Benriner Mandoline Slicer
I've always owned a mandoline slicer but this brand is far more superior than any I've used. If you like good presentation for your dishes and love slicing your vegetable and fruit; this is my favorite pick. Click link below to shop
Shop Now: Stasher Bag Trio
Stasher bags are eco-friendly and easy to clean. Also, this is a great way to store your fruit, leftovers and other items that need to be refrigerated. Click link below to shop.
Shop Now: Staub Dutch Oven - 4QT
Life in the kitchen would be unbearable without my Staub Dutch Oven. My favorite thing to make is roasted whole chicken. Also, you can bake bread to perfection. Click link below to shop.
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Shop Now: Zula Home Frother

Works wonders for a nice Latte.

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