You Tube Home Tour

Hello all, I hope you're enjoying the fall season. I'm so excited to share a personal home tour of our apartment and I would love to hear your voices. Please subsrcibe for more fun home stuff.

Hudson Valley, NY Home Tour with Ginny | October 2019

Fall foliage in New York is breath taking and the home tour of the season was in the heart of the Hudson Valley with Ginny Stalker from @aupetitsalondesign. Ginny's 17th century barn home sits on 7 acres and is tucked in the woods. She shares her 2,ooo square foot gem with her son Otis and husband Matt. Scroll down for photos of her vintage collected home. Ginny's View on Living in Hudson Valley NY Where were you born and what made you move to Hudson Valley, NY? I was born in Ottawa, Canada and I moved to the USA when I married my husband, who was living in LA. We lived there for a year before moving here, North Castle NY. Matt's family has lived on the property we live on for almost 100

The Container Store Refrigerator Organization

Fall season has arrived in New York and revamping every nook and cranny in our apartment was a priority. One of the most neglected areas in most homes is the refrigerator and I've re-worked the organization of ours with items from the The Container Store. I cook a few times a week and needed a better view of our most used groceries. Adding tray liners to each shelf and storage for poultry, fruit, dairy and vegetables revitalized the look and appeal of our refrigerator. Steps to get started on organizing your refrigerator : Remove all items from your refrigerator and clean the inside Check if items are expired and throw away Measure the width and length for storage Work on eliminating th