The Container Store - Closet Re-Organization

It's safe to say most NYC apartments lack sufficient closet space for the average person. We live in a 958 square foot apartment and there are two small closets in our bedroom. The challenge for my bedroom closet make over was to find adequate and practical storage for my shoe collection. The Container Store offered stacks of clear shoe boxes, non-slip velvet hangers, and cedar drawer liners that fit perfectly on my shelves. The best way to re-organize your closet is to take everything out and assess what you need most often. Once you've figured out the most important items you rebuild by placing those things in the front. Color coordinating your clothing is also helpful, making choosi

Walls Need Love - Entryway Make Over

As summer is slowly coming to an end, we decided to revamp the look of our foyer. It is a small space with minimal lighting and appeal so it lacked any visual aesthetic or pop. We felt adding a patterned wall paper would give the entrance to our home new life. Partnering with Walls Need Love allowed us to pick the perfect design that fits our decor and lifestyle. Walls Need love is a company that offers mess-free, removable and reusable wall paper for any taste or setting. Applying the wall paper was easy and there are tutorials online to guide you. If you're looking to spruce up the appearance in your home, head over to Walls Need Love's feed for inspiration and ideas. (Remember to li